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Grill and Cantina

About us

German and Antonio, from Guanajuato, Mexico, arrived in the United States more than 12 years ago at the tender age of just 14 and 16 years old with the idea of fulfilling their American dream. With a burning desire to work and succeed, they started working at a successful Tex-Mex restaurant in the state of Virginia to help their family.

There, they performed different roles between dishwasher, kitchen assistant, busboy, waiter, and even chef Quickly, they stood out because of their work ethic and effort. Qualities that had always characterized them included always giving good service, providing innovative ideas in the kitchen, and constantly looking at ways to improve the recipes and presentation of the dishes when serving them to the client.

Thanks to the experience acquired in 8 years, the Hernandez brothers decided to start their own restaurant to delight the customers with their unique combinations and flavors. Having set that goal, they worked even harder to grow personally and professionally. German, with his culinary qualities, and Antonio with his human quality and great experience in customer service. Their unique individual abilities complement each other, which makes them a great team


In 2016, they opened their first restaurant and named it Cancun Grill and Cantina. The restaurant was inspired by Cancun, one of the most representative tourist sites in Mexico and its Caribbean beaches. With great sentimental value, they proudly used the Chichen Itza pyramid in their restaurant logo.

Today they are satisfied with what they have achieved together as a team, and they thank their family for their unconditional support and God for being their guide in every decision. They started with a dream of getting ahead, and today they own their own restaurant. They appreciate their blessings by generating jobs and helping more people who have a dream and desire to work.

“Dios nos puso aquí entonces hay que echarle ganas”